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Molly Adkins
Molly Adkins is an instructor for the number one globally recognized sound healing training group, the “Sound Healing Academy”, through which she teaches how to use a variety of instruments for self-care as well as to become a certified practitioner.

She also holds certifications as an intuitive life coach, reiki master, yoga instructor, and trauma-informed yoga teacher for youth.

She has a BA in voice, MA in ethnomusicology, and teaching licenses in Japanese and ESL. She lived in Japan for 11 years and is fluent in Japanese. Molly works with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of her clients to create transformative sessions, not only with sound vibrations but also through intuitive downloads she receives in sessions

Molly resides year-round in Manitou Springs and implements her award-winning teaching skills, musical background and various certifications to offer group and individual sound healing sessions, as well as sound healing workshops through the Sound Healing Academy.

Individual Sessions with Intuitive Readings:

Individual sessions are highly personalized to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing using sound frequencies and rhythms.

A variety of sound healing instruments and assessment techniques are used to release and balance blocked energy in your auric field and chakra centers. As your energy is balancing, intuitive insights and messages are received around the core of your concern.

At the end of each session, you will work together to decipher the deeper meaning of any energetic blocks and intuitive insights received during the session. Sound healing sessions can lead you to feel a deeper sense of peace and relaxation, relief of physical pain, and clarity of mind. 75 Minutes,  $150. Call 719-719-2872 to book your session.

Group Sound Healing Journey:

Group sound healing sessions are designed to work with both the overall energy of the group as well as for each individual’s intention. We begin the session with setting intentions and using visualization meditation to amplify your intention to be manifested in your life.

A variety of both modern and traditional sound healing instruments, from crystal singing bowls to gongs and drums, are used to activate deep relaxation, alleviate tension and reduce stress.  90 Minutes. 

Prices range from $40 – $60 and varies by theme.  These events may take place on the outdoor stream-facing patio (weather-permitting), or inside in our sound healing room with cocoon warmth and healing energy.  These can be events can be booked by calling 719-719-2872 or using Eventbrite.  See our link on 
Events page.

Sound Healing Workshop: 

Molly offers a variety of year-round workshops and can be found by going to

Sound Healing Individual (75 Minutes) $150

Sound Healing Couples (90 Minutes) $225

Couple’s Sessions with Intuitive Readings:

Couple’s sessions are a unique hybrid of an individual and a group session.

An overall intention for the session is created and activated through a visualization meditation.  Energetic assessments are done for each individual and as a couple.

Various instruments and techniques are used to create a relaxing atmosphere and release any energetic blockages individually and together.

At the end of each session, we work together to decipher the deeper meaning of any energetic blocks and intuitive insights received during the session. 90 Minutes, $225. Call 719-719-2872 to book your session.

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