A place where healing starts on the inside and energy radiates on the outside.

Enhance your personal journey


We are an experience-driven and science-led wellness boutique that focuses on educating people about the effects of one’s energy in correlation with the universe.
Together, we uncover insights and provide guidance
in order to balance oneself and create a more
authentically rooted future.

What we do

We offer a personalized, science-led and interactive experiences through our experienced wellness approach. In addition, our boutique provides ” good for you” products and a hangout area with curated food and drinks.

Aura Readings & Consultations

The Aura

Good for you

Aura photography & chakra reading with consultation

Every living thing has a bio-energetics field, also known as an aura. Advanced technology allows us to see the aura, produce a 3D picture, and generate a
report. The Aura Report will help you gain insight about yourself and the 3D aura photograph is the best method to visualize and know your energy balance.

Healing crystals on brown background

Aura Reading & Consultation

Let’s uncover your inner you. Whether an aura
photo, chakra reading or an in-person, real-time,
interactive-guided approach. Our goal is to help
discover the body’s specific energy flow and how to
use this understanding to address imbalances in
your mind, body and spirit connection.

Good for you products

In our store, we offer high-quality products
that aid in enhancing your personal journey.
Come experience our selection of products
that have a positive and direct impact on your
aura and chakras. 

Our Location

702 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829


Enhance your personal journey




Please call to confirm as hours can change due seasons, holidays and weather conditions.

Aurathentic, 702 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829

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