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BIO: Lindsy Hall

Lindsy Hall is a passionate artist, 500 hr. yoga instructor, and a gifted holistic healer. She has a passion to help others be relieved from pain and suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Her 15-year career as a holistic healer led her to the path of being a massage therapist, yoga instructor and master-level Reiki healer.  She now combines all those practices into her unique restorative and deep healing classes and 1:1 personal healing sessions.

1:1 Personal Yoga Healing Session:
This is a personal holistic Reiki healing session that is tailored to your specific needs.  Lindsy uses a combination of restorative yoga, Reiki healing touch, guided meditation and aromatherapy to assist in stimulating a person’s natural response to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Yin Yoga for Gratitude and Compassion:

This class offers a gentle, meditative style of yoga, promoting self-compassion and gratitude, and enhancing physical flexibility. Poses allow for effective stretching of yin tissues like tendons, fascia, and ligaments. This leads to improved flexibility, circulation, and joint mobility. The practice encourages reflection on gratitude and compassion, making it suitable for all levels.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga with Reiki Healing Touch:

This therapeutic restorative yoga class offers a calming experience with supported poses, accompanied by Reiki healing touch. This practice aims to alleviate emotional, mental, and physical distress by removing energetic blocks. Relaxation through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system leads to stress relief, lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, and enhanced natural healing. Suitable for all levels.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga with Guided Breath and Meditation:

Embark on a healing journey through Candlelight Restorative Yoga, combining breathwork and meditation. This gentle practice involves supported poses, inducing deep relaxation. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves digestion, fostering overall healing. Meditation promotes mental calmness, while regulated breathing enhances life force energy. Suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga to Ease Anxiety and Heal from Trauma :

Targeting the impacts of anxiety and trauma, this restorative yoga class addresses both physical and mental manifestations, underscoring the significance of uncovering the root cause. Techniques for resilience-building are provided, alongside supported restorative yoga poses fostering relaxation and relief. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system aids in stress reduction, blood pressure regulation, improved digestion, and the release of traumatic memories at a cellular level. Suitable for all levels.

Restorative Chakra Flow Yoga:

Experience a gentle, slow-paced yoga practice specifically curated to restore and balance the body’s seven energy centers, known as chakras. This session facilitates awareness and healing of any energetic blockages present in your chakras, using targeted yoga poses to release trapped energy and restore the flow of life force energy, or prana, throughout the body. Suitable for all levels.

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